Monday, July 10, 2017

Michael and Rob's Newsletter July 2017

We are half way through the year, and it’s been a while since we have written an article.  The first half of the year has been wonderful so far with 10 preliminaries completed.  There are 20 great qualified contestants, and this summer’s schedule is packed with preliminaries from coast to coast; opening the door to other contestants giving them the opportunity to become the next Miss Gay America.  Suzy is doing an amazing job.  Her business background has helped keep everything organized, and her trouble shooting abilities are second to none. 

There have been many changes this year with the goal of creating the most well rounded entertainers as well as the most exciting contests for audiences to attend.  These changes are getting a lot of positive feedback.  Contestants have really put a lot of creative energy into their presentations.  With the absence of solo talent, along with the changes in timing to evening gown, the pageants are moving along quickly, making them a great viewing experience for the audiences. 

Speaking of changes…  On July 2nd, the America family welcomed back male pageantry with the Mr. Gay America contest in Dallas, TX.  Ten great contestants competed and became a part of the America family.  The format and rules closely mirror what we already do.  Many people asked, “how will it differ from other male contests?”  We put a lot of thought into the fashion category.  We decided upon "Red Carpet Fashion".  Contestants brought their best “Red Carpet” look to the stage.  There are many types of red carpet events, giving contestants flexibility to find a suitable look that fits their personality.  Continuing with the theme of gold, the prize package included a gold medallion and a custom-made jacket tailored to the winner.  After a hard-fought contest, Kyle Ean captured the title of Mr. Gay America 2017, making it his 6th national title!  After the contest, Kyle hit the ground running contacting potential promoters.  Because of his hard work, have already "delivered" contracts to 5 promoters with another dozen awaiting information.  Bringing back the "Mr. Pageant" would not have happened without the hard work and dedication MGA 2016, Asia T. O'Hara!  We would like to thank Asia O’

In planning for Miss Gay America 2018, remember to book your rooms using the link on the website or Facebook.  We have a block of rooms held at a discounted rate until the end of August.  Once the block expires, we can’t guarantee the room rate or that a room will be available in the hotel.  

Have a great summer, and we hope to see everyone at an upcoming Gay America event soon!


Rob and Michael

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